ComplexLand 2.0

Web Experience, 2021
Role ︎︎︎
Art Direction
3D Design
Character Design
Motion Design

Complex Networks

The response following our first ComplexLand was so overwhelmingly positive that not too long after, we were back to the drawing board with Complex Networks on creating an even bigger and richer virtual e-commerce experience.

Building on top of learnings that worked and didn’t, we made ComplexLand 2.0: the same free and accessible-anywhere online festival, now with added technological enhancements such as multiplayer interactions, new avatar customizations, gamification, and an in-game camera for social sharing.
My role ︎
As the 3D Lead, I was responsible for the overall look and feel of the interactive 3D world, from the new map and character designs to custom brand content. I also managed and collaborated with the loveliest creative team working across 4 different time zones.

We refreshed our previous neighborhoods for festival-goers to explore, with more than 40 pre-fabricated shops, and custom 3D activations for 12 different brands.

We worked with brands such as Timberland, Farfetch, and RTFKT to deliver custom 3D clothing that players could wear for the duration of the event.
Our most exciting new feature was the addition of multiplayer —players could “react” and interact with other players in real time. This let them compete on the Leaderboard and snap photos with friends with the game’s camera.
Initial concepts
Some initial concept art I made that didn’t make the cut, but we still quite loved!

Awards ︎
FWA of the Day
FWA of the Month

The Drum Awards
Global Experiential Brand Campaign of the Year

Credits ︎
Steffen Christiansen
Pedro Barroso
Lead 3D / Art Direction
Charlotte Lucas

UX + UI Design
Tiago Furquim
Julie Muckensturm
Juan Castro
Danilo Nagura
3D ArtistS
Anais Iris Lefebvre
Manon Jouet
Mike Lamont
Juan Castro
3D Robe

John Flores
Charlotte Lucas

Alison McBreen
Kimberly Tindale
Kaitlyn Lacy
Shannon Kennedy
Iran Reyes
William Chen
Jacob Jang
Marcelo Rodriguez
Kin Hui-Lo
Patrick Heng
John Iacoviello
Riess Group